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Main window

A typical layout of the main window is as follows.

Editor panel occupies the central area of the window. Here the models are displayed for editing and analysis. The following shortcuts are used to navigate the model view:

  • Use left mouse button or , , , to move selected elements of the graph model.
  • Scroll the mouse wheel forward to zooms in and backward to zoom out. Alternatively press + to zoom in and to zoom out.
  • Use the middle mouse button or Ctrl+right mouse button or Ctrl+, , , to pan the view.

Main menu groups all the actions available for the current graph model; many of them are accessible via keyboard shortcuts. Global tools toolbar at the top edge accumulates frequently used actions.

Property editor is located at the right side of the window and is used for displaying and modifying the properties of the selected graph elements.

Model tools and Tool controls toolbars are located on the left side. Some tools require more spacious panel to display additional information – such Tool controls panel appears as at the right side, instead (or in addition to) the Property editor.

The bottom panel is reserved for the following tabs:

  • Output - this is to provide information on the currently executed task.
  • Problems - this is to report errors and exceptions.
  • Tasks - here the progress of the currently run tasks can be monitored.
  • Javascript - this is console for scripting bulk actions in Javascript language (for experienced users only).

Workspace window is in the bottom-right corner. The work entries can be organised in workspaces to simplify the operations on multiple related graph models and access them as a single object. The works that have been saved into a file are grouped under the External branch of the workspace tree. An asterisk next to the work name indicates it has unsaved changes.

The layout of toolbars, panels and tabs can be re-arranged - just drag-and-drop them in a new location, remove it from the layout or restore them via View→Toolbars and View→Windows menu. The default layout can be restored via View→Reset UI layout menu item.

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