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Global tools toolbar provides quick access to frequently used actions of the Main menu.

  • Create work... (Ctrl-N) – create a new work selecting a type of model to capture.
  • Open work... (Ctrl-O) – load an existing work from a file.
  • Save work (Ctrl-S) – write the current work into a file.
  • Undo (Ctrl-Z) – undo the last modification in the current work.
  • Redo (Ctrl+Shift-Z) – redo a previously undone modification in the current work.
  • Copy (Ctrl-C) – copy selected nodes and connections into a local clipboard.
  • Paste (Ctrl-V) – paste a nodes and connections from the local clipboard into the current work.
  • Zoom in (Ctrl-=) – zoom in the current work by one step.
  • Zoom out (Ctrl--) – zoom out the current work by one step.
  • Default zoom (Ctrl-0) – restore the default scale of the current work.
  • Fit selection to screen (Ctrl-F) – scale and pan the current work so that its selected objects (or the whole model if nothing is selected) fill the editor panel.
  • Toggle grid visibility – toggle grid visibility.
  • Toggle ruler visibility – toggle ruler visibility.
  • Toggle name visibility – toggle name visibility.
  • Toggle label visibility – toggle label visibility.
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