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Fundamental Principles and Advanced Techniques for Asynchronous Design

15-16 May 2017 at Dialog Semiconductor, Germering, Germany

This tutorial will cover both the fundamental principles of asynchronous system design and the advanced techniques for modelling, decomposition and initialisation of speed-independent circuits. Practical sessions will teach the engineer to use the Workcraft toolset for specification, synthesis, verification and initialisation of asynchronous circuits.

Basic course

  • Lectures (4 hours)
    • Asynchronous design principles
    • Models, techniques and tools
    • Logic synthesis from STGs
    • Implementation styles
    • Resolution of CSC conflicts
  • Practicals (3 hours)
    • Introduction to Workcraft
    • Synthesis and verification of C-element
    • Synthesis and verification of buck controller
    • Synthesis and verification of VME bus controller (optional)

Advanced course

  • Lectures (4 hours)
    • Modelling techniques
    • Decomposition techniques
    • Analog-to-asynchronous (A2A) interfaces
  • Practicals (3 hours)
    • Modelling joint OR causality (warming up exercise)
    • Hierarchical design of a realistic buck controller
    • Initialisation of speed-independent circuits
    • Resolution of encoding (CSC) conflicts (optional)


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