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Workcraft v3.1.3 (2017-02-02)

Usability improvements

  • First release under permissive MIT license.
  • For better support of scripting the Tool plugins are partitioned into:
    • Editors (Selection, Connection, Node generation, etc.)
    • Commands (Transformation, Layout, Conversion, Synthesis, Verification). Currently all except the Verification commands are scriptable, i.e. can be called from a JavaScript (see scripting interface examples).
  • All JAR files are moved to bin directory. This is to prevent users from starting Workcraft by double-clicking workcraft.jar file, without setting necessary environment variables which is done by workcraft runner script.
  • Automatically reconfigure if no model plugins found.
  • New hierarchy separator . is used now as it is natively supported by Petrify and MPSat.
    • Compatibility with old flatname __ and hierarchy '/' separators.
    • Initial support for importing STGs with hierarchical nodes from .g files.
  • Simplified New work dialog – only the model type can be selected, redundant checkboxes and the title textbox are removed.
  • In verification results window, long MPSat traces are scrolled instead of expanding the textbox to fit the whole trace.
  • Message box for long MPSat diagnostics only outputs the first and last 10 lines. The whole log still can be seen in the Output tab.

Model and tool plugins

  • Digital Circuit plugin
    • Check the type of environment model and issue a warning if it is not an STG.
    • Enable use of .g files for circuit environment.
    • Revised export of unmapped gates as Verilog assign statements. This also fixes a bug in Verilog export of stdC synthesis results.
    • Bugfixes for trace expansion (appending the violating transition) for conformation and output persistency properties.
  • Signal Transition Graph plugin
    • Specialised Concepts layout with proxy places and read-arcs. Standard GraphvizDot layout is still available as an option.
    • Error out if Petrify produces partial CSC solution.
  • Dataflow Structure plugin
    • Export of high-level structure into Verilog.
    • Move anchor points of connections when copying pipeline slices for wagging.
    • Bugfix for changing colour of tokens in simulation.

Fixes and technical stuff

  • Updated UnfoldingTools
    • Support for . in IDs so it can be used as a hierarchy separator in Workcraft.
    • Bug fixes and optimisations in logic decomposition and Verilog output (MPSat).
    • Bug fix in cut-off check for dummy events (Punf).
  • Updated PetrifyTools
    • -write_sg and -draw_astg parameters so no need for symbolic links (or copies) write_sg and draw_astg of petrify binary.
    • Constants are written as Verilog-style 1'b1 and 1'b0 insrtead of SIS-style -1- and -0-.
  • Bugfixes for OSX shortcuts
    • Cmd+Q correctly exists Workcraft.
    • and can be used in text areas.
    • Interpret two-finger-click of a touchpad as a right-click of a mouse.
  • Better test coverage with the focus on STG and Circuit plugins (improved from 17% to 32%).
  • Consistent state of global settings and plugin settings.
  • Cleanup of Framework and Workspace singletons.
  • Updated JavaCC (parser generator) to v7.0.0.
  • Extend work metadata with Workcraft version and creation timestamp. This is used in compatibility manager to open files created with old versions of Workcraft.
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