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SCENCO toolsuite

The SCENCO toolsuite is provided as a part of the standard Workcraft distribution. The toolsuite allows to describe a system by a collection of its behavioural scenarios (e.g., describe a microprocessor by its instruction set), and then analyse the system using a variety of techniques.

SCENCO primarily relies on Conditional Partial Order Graphs (CPOGs) as the modelling formalism. CPOGs allow for a compact visual representation of a system and are supported by efficient synthesis and verification algorithms. A CPOG model of a system represents its scenarios in an encoded form, hence the name SCENCO, that is SCENario ENCOder.

Conditional Partial Order Graphs

SCENCO supports both visual and textual editing of individual scenarios and CPOGs, as well as basic transformation and simulation capabilities. A brief introduction and user guide can be found here: CPOG plugin.

CPOG encoding

A unique feature of the toolsuite is a rich collection of CPOG encoding algorithms that have been accumulated over a decade of research. See CPOG encoding plugin for an overview.

Process mining

The classic approach to the system specification requires full knowledge about the system. In the real world though the designer may have an incomplete or even internally inconsistent set of requirements. If the latter are expressed as behavioural scenarios it is possible to use SCENCO for performing process mining and thereby deriving system models from incomplete specifications expressed as event logs. See Process mining plugin for further details.

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