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Tips and Tricks

  • Scroll the mouse wheel forward to zooms in and backward to zoom out. Alternatively press + to zoom in and to zoom out. Press Ctrl+0 to restore the default scale.
  • Press Ctrl+F to fit the selection into the screen or Ctrl+T to centre it.
  • Use the middle mouse button or Ctrl+right mouse button to pan the view continuosly.
  • Use Ctrl+, , , to pan the view in small steps.
  • Use Ctrl+Shift+, , , to pan editor view in full viewport steps.


  • Hold Shift to include objects into a selection and Ctrl to exclude objects from a selection.
  • Press Alt (or AltGr) to highlight adjacent connections of the node under mouse cursor. (Note that in Linux Alt is often reserved for window drag-and-drop operation. Also, if used remotely via Exceed, by default Alt is taken for local and its presses are not passed to remote.)
  • Outline a selection rectangle from-left-to-right for adding objects that are inside the selection region, and from-right-to-left for adding objects touched by the selection region.
  • Press Crtl+A to select everything or Ctrl+I to inverse the selection.
  • Use left mouse button or , , , to move selected components.
  • Press Delete to remove selected components.
  • Press Ctrl+A to select all objects or Esc to reset selection.


  • A polyline connection can be created by generating anchor points (click outside of existing nodes) before clicking the final node.
  • Anchor points can be added to a connection by double-clicking a desired location on the connection line while the Selection tool is active.
  • Hold Ctrl to connect continuously – the final node or a previous connection becomes the starting node for the next connection.
  • Hold Shift to create a replica node for a connection (only works for certain types of nodes, e.g. places of Petri nets and Signal Transition Graphs).

Clipboard and History

  • Clipboard operations are allowed between the models of the same type: Ctrl+C to copy, Ctrl+X to cut and Ctrl+V to insert.
  • History of modifications can be browsed: Ctrl+Z to undo and Ctrl+Shift+Z to redo.


  • Ctrl+G combines selected objects into a group and Ctrl+Shift+G splits selected groups into individual objects.
  • Press Page↓ or double-click a group to enter it. Press Page↑ or double-click outside a group to leave it.


  • Use [ and ] keys to navigate through the simulation trace.
  • In Signal-State table the values of excited signals are depicted in bold font.
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