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Decoration preferences

In Decoration section of the Preferences window you can specify the default colors that are common across all the tools.


Decorations for analysis tools

  • Don't touch component – color of the components that must not be modified; gray by default.
  • Problematic component – color of the components that create a problem; magenta by default.
  • Problem fixer component – color of the components that are used for fixing the problem; orange by default.
  • Problem-free component – color of the components that do not cause any problems; green by default.


Decorations for selection tools

  • Highlighting color – color of the components under mouse pointer; amber by default.
  • Selection color – color of the selected components; light blue by default.
  • Shading color – color of the shaded component that are outside of the current group or page; grey by default.


Decorations for simulation tools

  • Excited component color – border color of the excited component in simulation; orange by default.
  • Suggested component background – background color of the exited component that is suggested for the next simulation step; lime by default.
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