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Preparing the documentation


Export from SVG to PNG in Inkscape

  • PN / STG - 30 dpi
  • FSM / FST - 40 dpi
  • Circuits - 45 dpi
  • Waveforms and phase diagrams - 100 dpi

Direct insertion of SVG

  • STG - 35%
  • PN / FSM / FST - 45%
  • Circuits - 50%
  • Waveforms and phase diagrams - 100% (?)

Offline documentation

Tutorial materials and help files

We use a tweaked version of dokuwiki-light template for generating offline pages. See DokuWiki setup for instructions of how to produce this template.

  • In Configuration Settings disable edit buttons
    • In sections: maxseclevel=0 (3 by default)
    • In included files: plugin:include:showeditbtn=false (false by default)
  • Configure site exporter as follows:
    • Enter your starting Namespace
      Set Namespace: help:start
      Parent Namespace to export: (empty)
      Export Type: all sub namespaces
  • Select your Options
    Export Absolute Paths: false
    Export Body only: false
    Export Linked Pages: true
    Disable cache for current request: true
    Export all parameters (e.g. “do”): false
    Render Engine: (empty)
    Export Template: dokuwiki-light-export
    PDF Export: false
    Numbered Headings: false
  • Select one of the Help Creation Options (optional)
    all options false
  • Disable (JS/CSS) Plugins while export
    all options false
  • The site will be exported into After downloading and extracting do the following:
    rm -r  _export  
    rm -r lib/scripts
    rm -r lib/tpl  
    rm -r lib/plugins/acl
    rm -r lib/plugins/dw2pdf
    rm -r lib/plugins/extensions
    rm -r lib/plugins/imagereference
    rm -r lib/plugins/include
    rm -r lib/plugins/siteexport
    rm -r lib/plugins/tag
    rm lib/exe/opensearch.html  lib/exe/css.php.t.dokuwiki-light.css  lib/exe/js.php.t.dokuwiki-light-export.js
  • Some files in lib/images can be removed.
  • If there are files matching the pattern *.*.* then some of the exported images do not have ?nolink tag. The best option is to correct the corresponding wiki page and export it again.
  • For unknown reason some of the pages may get exported with a wrong style. This results in navigation elements being present in those pages. A possible solution is to export these bad pages individually and copy their html files over.
  • Some icons disappear in offline version. e.g. Wikipedia symbol, most likely due to missing class:
     <a href="http://en.wikipedia..." class="interwiki iw_wp" title="http://en.wikipedia...">...</a> 

    These symbols are stored in lib/images/interwiki directory - do not remove it!


The best margins for printout of handouts:

  • top = 14mm
  • bottom = 14mm
  • left = 20mm
  • right = 20mm

SVG diagrams can be reduced up to the following scale:

  • STG - 29%
  • PN / FSM / FST - 38%
  • Circuits - 40%

This is mostly to avoid wide SVG files that do not fit the page width and have side effect on the scale of all the document, including text.