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Workcraft v3.4.2 (2024-01-26)

Usability improvements

  • Improve in-place editor to dynamically update its bounds on the text modification
  • Revise text rendering to improve relative positioning of labels

Model and tool plugins

  • Digital Circuit plugin
    • Add possibility to accept inout ports on Verilog import and filter out their connections (useful for ignoring VDD/GND inout ports)
    • Improve Verilog parser to handle complex delay expressions in assign statements
    • Convert assignments with xor and equivalence operators into not/and/or basis on Verilog export (for consistency with parser for Verilog import)
    • Optimise away double negations in assign statements on Verilog export
    • Recognise C-elements with input bubbles when using standard C synthesis mode
    • New exporter of mapped gates as Verilog assign statements
    • Uniform pin positioning for simple gates
    • Reload gate library if its GenLib file is modified
    • Fix colouring of signal events when simulating violation trace
  • Signal Transition Graph plugin
    • Restrict the number of reported encoding conflicts for clarity and improve visualisation details when a single encoding conflict is selected
    • Improved verification of input properness with user-defined exceptions
    • Extend verification of delay insensitive interface by forbidding pulses on input signals
    • Support read arcs in verification of delay insensitive interface
    • Improve local self-triggering check by reducing the number of potential exceptions in to syntactic self-triggers
    • Promote delay insensitive interface and absence of local self-triggering to essential verification properties
    • Improve reports for N-way conformation by taking into account those continuations of violation traces that lead to internal signals
    • While holding Alt/AltGr, highlight master place for selected proxy and all proxies for selected master place
    • Warn about large graph before layout of ProFlo generated STG
    • Bugfix for creating groups/pages with proxy places whose master places belong to different groups/pages
    • Bugfix for import of .g file with place names clashing with internal connection names
    • Bugfix for long file path when Reach property with user-defined exception is encoded into the file name

Organisation of project and toolchain

  • Update build system to Gradle v8.5, PMD v6.55, CheckStyle v10.12.5
  • Update UnfoldingTools backend with alignment optimisation of data structures
  • Extract MPSat temporal features from MpsatVerification plugin into a separate MpsatTemporal plugin
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