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Workcraft v3.4.1 (2023-08-24)

Usability improvements

  • Enable user-defined flat name separator for page references; the default is _ which is configurable via Editor→Separator for converting page references into flat name of global preferences
  • Improve option dialog with mnemonics and shortcuts for Yes/No/Cancel buttons
  • Calculate model bounding box before exporting its visual layer into a graphics file, such as PNG and SVG
  • Move Comment settings into a subsection of Visual settings of global preferences
  • Add settings for MPSat custom cost functions in verification and synthesis modes
  • Detailed header mode for file export to include timestamp of file creation, operating system info and JavaScript command used
  • Extend support for Bison syntax check to highlight warnings in custom properties
  • Remove support email from Help menu in favour of GitHub issues

Model and tool plugins

  • Digital Circuit plugin
    • Add regex for user-defined auxiliary ports that should be excluded from output persistency check; the default is empty, and is configurable via Digital Circuit→Auxiliary ports regex to exclude from verification, e.g. sig|req[0-9]*|bus__\d+ of global preferences
    • Exclude scanout ports from output persistency check
    • Improve Output persistency property to accept exception pairs of signals for WAIT elements
    • Improve reporting of structural issues on Verilog import, e.g. for inconsistently connected nets and multiple top level modules
    • Extend substitution rules to enable user-defined extra gate pins, e.g. for scan
    • Add info on invalid files into refinement statistics that is accessible via Tools→Statistics→Refinement analysis
    • Use colors defined in Signals settings of global preferences when rendering contact names
    • Improve snapping to grid when creating nets with Connect tool
  • Signal Transition Graph plugin
    • Improve verification of delay insensitive interface with a possibility to define exceptions
    • Add verification property for the absence of self-triggering output and internal signals, with a possibility to define exceptions - it is accessible via Verification→Absence of local self-triggering (without dummies) [MPSat]…
    • Promote delay insensitive interface and absence of local self-triggering to essential properties

Fixes and technical stuff

  • Update toolchain to Gradle v8.3, CheckStyle v10.12.2, Jacoco v0.8.10, JavaCC plugin v3.0.0, Batik v1.17
  • Update UnfoldingTools backend with several bugfixes, revised Reach syntax and binaries rebuilt using GCC 13 and GLIBC v2.37
  • Recognise development mode of running from source
  • Drop dependency on Kotlin as not used much by plugins
  • Improve GitHub actions with recent MacOS and Windows runners, and Jacoco/Coveralls task for coverage report
  • Fix PowerShell starter script for use of local JRE
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