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Workcraft v3.3.9 (2022-12-20)

Usability improvements

  • Check if a file is writable before overwriting an existing file

Model and tool plugins

  • Digital Circuit plugin
    • Highlight circuit components in the Property editor based on their refinement type (none, STG, circuit, error)
    • Improve random layout of Circuit model
    • Enable repacking circuit components to accommodate their pin names
    • Command to update component (name, input/output pins) from its refinement model
    • Make unconnected component pins more visible
    • Check initial state compatibility for driver signals before assigning refinement model to a circuit component
    • Significantly improve import of Circuits models from Verilog netlist
      • Enable selection of work file name for top module
      • Apply natural sort to imported Verilog modules
      • JavaScript interface to select save directory for instantiated Verilog modules via setImportContextDirectory(path) that only spans for one import call
      • JavaScript interface to define the name of top module for import
      • Configurable pattern for work file names to save hierarchical Verilog modules ($ by default, where $ is replaced by module name)
      • Handle import of mutex with missing pins
      • Support bus connection syntax on Verilog import: explicitly enumerated nets of a bus .port({bus[2], bus[1], bus[0]}), range of nets from a bus .port(bus[3:0]), whole bus to a matching port .port(bus), mixture of net ranges and individual bits .port({bus[2:1], bus[0]})
  • Process Flows plugin
    • Release of a language to specify processes as Control Flow Expressions
    • Translation from Control Flow Expressions into Petri nets and Signal Transition Graphs

Fixes and technical stuff

  • Update of the build system to Gradle v7.6, PMD v6.52, Apache Batik v1.16
  • New property type for color-coded legend
  • Support for printing Boolean expression in C style
  • Prevent clashing of flat names derived from Circuit hierarchical references
  • Simplify file writer operations without the use of dedicated exporter
  • Refactor API for importer and exporter plugins
  • Speed up extraction of model type from work file
  • Clear JavaScript tab after script submission
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