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Workcraft v3.3.8 (2022-07-21)

Usability improvements

  • Allow access to model generator commands even if no files are open
  • Improve user-defined config functionality by the following command-line options:
    • -noconfig – do not read global config file and do not overwrite it on Workcraft exit
    • -noconfig-load – do not read global config file and use default values for all Workcraft settings
    • -noconfig-save – do not overwrite global config file on Workcraft exit
    • -config:CONFIG – use the specified CONFIG file as a global config file instead of the default one
    • -config-add:CONFIG – read local CONFIG file to override the settings that have been read from global config file or the default settings
  • Monitor environment variables WORKCRAFT_CONFIG=CONFIG and WORKCRAFT_CONFIG_ADD=CONFIG to achieve the same effect as -config:CONFIG and -config-add:CONFIG command line option, respectively (the command-line options having higher priority)
  • Extend scripting interface to (partially) support JavaScript ES6 standard

Model and tool plugins

  • Digital Circuit plugin
    • Two sets of rules for converting sequential gates into their resettable init-low and init-high counterparts. Each set is a comma-separated list of original_gate->replacement_gate(init_pin), e.g. C2->C2_R(rst), NC2->NC2_R(rst), MUTEX->MUTEX_R(rst) and C2->C2_S(set), NC2->NC2_S(set). Only those gates that have a conversion rule would be explicitly reset.
    • Improve Scan insertion flexibility to handle multiple testing scenarios
    • Support for circuit initialisation using Scan
    • Exclude zero-delay gates from verification of circuit initialisation
    • Support for net range and bus concatenation on Verilog import
    • Extraction of set/reset functions from GenLib specification of latches
    • Check interface consistency for port/pin names and their initial states on component squashing
    • Provide more details in the verification output for circuit initialisation and cycle breaking
    • Improve circuit initialisation analyses and cycle analyser tools
    • Statistics command to report refinement dependencies
    • Enable visual feedback on refinement model status
    • Place components of large imported circuit, but do not attempt to route wires

Fixes and technical stuff

  • Update toolchain to Gradle v7.5 and PMD v6.47.0
  • Update MPSat in UnfoldingTools for earlier switching from fast to memory-cautious unfolding algorithm
  • Exit Workcraft with an error if stdin gets detached in no-GUI mode
  • Add gradle properties for caching build results
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