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Workcraft v3.3.7 (2022-03-25)

Usability improvements

  • Add possibility to pan editor view in full viewport steps via Ctrl+Shift+, , ,
  • Prevent drag-and-drop of graph elements while selecting with Ctrl/Shift

Model and tool plugins

  • Digital Circuit plugin
    • For better visibility, use bold contact outlines for enabled signals in circuit simulation
    • Improve compatibility diagnostics between circuit component and its refinement model
    • Add means to quickly locate circuit components via model-level Property editor
    • Extend support for importing Verilog with buses
    • Improve import/export of Verilog with disconnected pins and empty modules
    • Recognise WAIT and WAIT0 components as arbitration primitives on Verilog import
    • Wider default positioning for component pins
    • Access refinement model of Circuit component from JavaScript using this functions:
      • setCircuitComponentRefinement(circuitWork, componentRef, refinementPath)
      • getCircuitComponentRefinement(circuitWork, componentRef)
  • Signal Transition Graph plugin
    • Support verification of properties that require parallel composition of STGs with toggle event
    • Extended N-way conformation property with structural checks for missing phases of interface signals
    • Improved detection of mismatch initial state for interface signals before N-way conformation check
    • Prevent creating redundant level arcs on conversion of STG trace to DTD model
    • Improve handling of violation trace for output persistency check
    • Prevent signal name clashing with STG places that are converted into implicit places
    • Consistent automatic naming of newly created dummy transitions
    • Verification of refinement property for STGs with mutex places
    • Improvements for creation and validation of read arc from proxy places
    • Access STG refinement model from JavaScript using this functions:
      • setStgRefinement(stgWork, refinementPath)
      • getStgRefinement(stgWork)

Fixes and technical stuff

  • Update of the build system to Gradle v7.4, PMD v6.42, Checkstyle v9.3
  • Bundle statically linked Graphviz DOT Linux binaries with the distribution
  • Use windows-2019 and macos-10.15 instead of latest in GitHub Actions
  • Update Spot ltl2tgba backend to v2.10.2
  • Save Workcraft compatibility version in meta data to prevent multiple warnings when opening work files created by newer version of Workcraft
  • Fix tracking of internal-to-dummy renaming
  • Fix filtering of nodes with custom hit function
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