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Workcraft v3.3.3 (2021-04-19)

Usability improvements

  • Model editor
    • Support for additional details in the tab header (can be used for showing enabled events in multi-tab simulation)
    • Allow user-defined preference for screen pixel density via Edit→Preferences…→Editor→Screen pixel density (DPI) - requires restart (system DPI is inaccurate, especially when running Workcraft remotely)
    • Prevent zoom level and grid scaling from changing when the window is resized
    • Limit grid density to prevent excessive number of grid lines
  • Simulation tools
    • Put the text of table cell/header into tooltip if it is too long to fit the column width
    • Use underlying model and decorations, so the simulated model does not change (no asterisk in the editor header)
    • Prevent model change when simulating expanded groups and pages (opening collapsed ones still change the model)
  • Property editor
    • Support for properties with editable predefined values (behaves as a ComboBox that also allows user-defined values)

Model and tool plugins

  • Digital Circuit plugin
    • Only use complex gates and 2-input symmetric C-element in Standard C-element synthesis mode
    • Enable scan insertion in two modes: with stitching and without stitching; this is configurable via Edit→Preferences…→Digital Circuit→Stitch scan into chain (on by default)
    • Support for splitting multi-level gates with reused literals and disconnected pins
    • Snap position of inserted joint node to the grid at its current zoom level and to the position of adjacent node
    • Popup menu for a component to remove all its pins
  • Signal Transition Graph plugin
    • Automatic CSC conflict resolution during MPSat synthesis
    • Improved consistency violation report that distinguish among three possible reasons for inconsistency (as reported by Punf backend)
    • Improved detection of mutex signals
    • Prevent entering hierarchical reference as STG signal name in the Property editor
    • Bugfix to enable import of empty .g files
  • FSM and FST plugins
    • Improved merging of FSM/FST states
    • Allow the use of empty symbol as epsilon
    • Bugfix for accepting incorrect names as FST signals and dummies
    • Fix detection of self-loop connections

Fixes and technical stuff

  • Migration from Travis CI to Github Action for testing
  • Modify unit tests and integration tests for compatibility with Windows
  • Update toolchain to Gradle v7.0, PMD v6.33, Checkstyle v8.41
  • Update Apache Batik to v1.14
  • Support for building flavoured distributions of Workcraft with additional plugins and backend tools
  • Update of UnfoldingTools backend (automatic CSC conflict resolution in MPSat, improve consistency violation report in Punf)
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