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Workcraft v3.3.2 (2020-11-25)

Usability improvements

  • Reuse Workcraft instance when opening .work files from file browser (for this a command line parameter -port:<PORT> should be set to define the socket port for interprocess communication)
  • Prevent creating nodes on top of other nodes, including groups, pages and connections
  • Persistent window size for file dialogs
  • Distinguish MPSat output for empty-trace solution and no-trace solution in the property violation report: [empty trace] and [no trace] grey text is used, respectively.
  • User-defined color for PNG export via Edit→Preferences…→Editor→Background color for PNG export (transparent by default)
  • Restructured Editor and Visual sections of global preferences

Model and tool plugins

  • Digital Circuit plugin
    • Forbid connections from driven pins (output ports and input contacts) and to driver pins (input ports and output contacts)
  • Signal Transition Graph plugin
    • Handshake verification is split into several steps, in order to better identify the cause of violation
  • Digital Timing Diagram plugin
    • Converter of DTD to STG fragment
    • Optimised DTD generation that removes transitive arcs
  • Dataflow Structures plugin
    • Toggling of register marking by double-click
    • Transformation commands for inserting logic and register nodes into arcs
    • Emphasise the spread nature of tokens in the cycle analysis table
    • Support for pages on STG conversion
  • Policy net plugin
    • Support for read arcs and proxy places

Fixes and technical stuff

  • Update of the build system to Gradle v6.7.1, PMD v6.29, Checkstyle v8.37
  • Create distribution JARs API-compatible with Java 8
  • Thread-safe use of JTextArea.append for displaying log and error messages
  • Update of Petrify backend to fix a problem with capacity declaration for implicit places
  • Allow Petrify net synthesis for specifications with deadlock by passing -dead option
  • Update Spot ltl2tgba backend to v2.9.5
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