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Workcraft v3.2.3 (2019-06-01)

Usability improvements

  • Access to main menu via Alt+key shortcut
  • Show the title of a currently selected section in global preferences
  • Enable to inline JavaScript directly in the command line with -exec: parameter

Model and tool plugins

  • Digital Circuit plugin
    • Synthesis and verification support for mutex with the following protocols (configurable via Digital Circuit→Mutex protocol in global preferences):
      • Strict – forbid two grants to go high (this is default option)
      • Relaxed – allow two grants to be high, but only on reset phase
    • Improvements in Connection tool
      • Intelligent positioning of automatically created pins
      • Automatic creation of pins when connecting directly to/from a components
    • Improvements in Initialisation analyser tool
      • Support for don't touch zero delay components
    • New functionality in Cycle analyser tool
      • Interactive and automatic modes of loop breaking with highlighting the gates within and outside of loops
      • Automatic insertion of testable loop breaking buffers that can be connected to scan
      • Scripting interface to loop breaking commands
      • Additional use of loop breaking tool for explicit disabling of timing arcs (can be exported as set_disabled_timing SDC constraints)
    • Improved export to Verilog
      • Reset logic as assign statement for unmapped circuits
      • Explicit declaration of wires
      • Possibility to delay assign statements (configurable via Digital Circuit→Delay assign statements in Verilog export in global preferences)
      • Direct/invert substitution rules (configurable via Digital Circuit→Invert substitution rules in global preferences)
    • Unified commands for tagging Force init and Path breaker properties
    • Common color scheme for Initialisation analyser and Cycle analyser tools (configurable via Decoration→Analysis in global preferences)
    • JavaScript functions to set/get circuit environment (setCircuitEnvironment(work, env)/setCircuitEnvironment(work))
  • Signal Transition Graph plugin
    • Verification of STG for output determinacy, i.e. that the STG is not self-contradictory.
    • Improved report for violation of N-way conformation, the user can choose from the following report styles (configurable via MPSat verification→Report style for conformation violation in global preferences):
      • Brief – enumerates violation traces and their projections on communicating components
      • Table – represents the projections in a tabular form, one column per communicating component
      • List – for each even in the violation trace lists its producer and receiver components
  • Waveform Transition Graph plugin
    • Simulation of unstable signals
    • Revised soundness checks
    • Tutorial on design of instruction decoder using guards

Fixes and technical stuff

  • Fix handling of zero delay buffers and inverters
  • Unified codebase for handling modal dialogs and their buttons
  • Refactor class names to exclude plugin prefix
  • Version ordered application of compatibility patches
  • Common table models for color legend and item list
  • Implementation of Johnson and Kosaraju graph algorithms
  • Source code compatibility and integration tests for Java 11. Note that Java 8 compatibility is still our main focus.
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