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Workcraft v3.1.8 (2018-01-01)

Usability improvements

  • If the user holds Alt (or AltGr) then the highlighting/selection is applied to the node under mouse cursor and also to its adjacent connections. For example, if a Petri net transition is Alt-selected then its incoming and outgoing arcs are also added to the selection.
  • A new way to select colours in the Property editor:
    • Several main colours are added to the quick-access combo-box (click the button with the arrow-down icon to see them).
    • A custom color can still be selected by clicking on the coloured area of the combo-box – this opens a Colour Chooser dialog which is improved for high-definition displays.

Model and tool plugins

  • Digital Circuit plugin
    • Check availability of the environment file before proceeding with verification.
    • Alt-highlighting/selection of a wire is extended to the whole network.
    • Alt-highlighting/selection of a gate is extended to all its incoming and outgoing networks.
  • Signal Transition Graph plugin
    • Handle error messages reported by Punf while building unfolding prefix for inconsistent STGs, unsafe nets and malformed nets. In case of inconsistent STGs a trace leading to the problematic state is extracted for simulation.

JavaScript interface

  • Provide a JavaScript list or iterator for currently loaded work object and setters/getters for some of its properties, e.g. for each (work in getWorks()) {…}, getModelDescriptor(work), getWorkFile(work), setModelTitle(work, title), etc.
  • All unprocessed command line parameters are passed to JavaScript interpreter as args variable and can be iterated as follows: for each (arg in args) {…}.
  • Fix for verification scriptable commands to work in GUI mode.
  • Integration tests for accessing MPSat functionality form scripts.
  • Fixed detection of absolute path in Windows.

Fixes and technical stuff

  • Check MPSat stdout to confirm its successful completion of the synthesis and verification operations.
  • Add an option to the STG Parallel Composition window to save the lists of places.
  • Open popup menus on right mouse button press (rather than click).
  • Remove deprecated code for external state graph visualisation.
  • Updated UnfoldingTools backend. If includes several MPSat bugfixes, e.g. for technology mapping of constants.
  • Updated Plato backend.
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