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Workcraft v3.1.6 (2017-09-21)

Usability improvements

  • New class of commands to report model complexity: generic statistics for all models and advanced complexity estimates for Petri net, STG and Circuit models. These commands are available under Tools→Statistics menu.
  • Tracking the current directory for open/save operations (the same directory is used for both).
  • User-defined colours for selection and highlight of model components.

Model and tool plugins

  • Digital Circuit plugin
    • Improvement of the conformation check to properly handle replication of places with read arcs.
    • Handle name clashing when circuit port is renamed.
    • Redraw gate when its contact is renamed.
    • Update position of the gate pins only if its set/reset function does really change.

Fixes and technical stuff

  • Decouple import/export formats from the core.
  • Configure logj4 output for PDF exporter.
  • Updated Plato backend for circuit specification using Concepts DSL.
  • Switch to Java 8 and remove deprecated Java 7 from Travis checks.
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