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Workcraft v3.1.5 (2017-07-01)

Usability improvements

  • Toolbars are finally added to Workcraft:
    • Common operations for open/save files, undo-redo, copy-paste, zoom and visibility of rulers/grid/names/labels are combined in a Global toolbar.
    • Editor tools and Tool controls are converted into toolbars.
    • Visibility of toolbars can be toggled via ViewToolbars menu. Their position can be changed by drag-and-drop. Position and visibility are persistently restored on restart.
  • Property editor and Tool controls panels are only shown when necessary, thus saving screen space.
  • Changing cursor in node generators when Shift and/or Ctrl are pressed.
    • In STG, transition generator cursor is blue/red for output/input (controlled by Shift) and has +/- symbol for rising/falling edge (controlled by Ctrl).
    • In Petri nets and STGs, place generator cursor changes shape for empty/marked place (controlled by Ctrl).
    • In STGs, place generator cursor changes shape for normal/mutex place (controlled by Shift).
    • In Circuit, port generator cursor changes shape for output/input (controlled by Shift).
  • Hint about Shift+Enter for adding new line in the inplace text editor for comments, transition names and circuit ports.
  • Button at the bottom of the Property editor for explicitly resetting template node properties to their default state. This is relevant to template properties of Comment tool, Connection tools and most of the node generator tools (note that STG transitions do not have template properties).
  • Default connection properties can be specified in the global preferences.

Model and tool plugins

  • Signal Transition Graph plugin
    • Mirror transition type (input/output) and direction (+/-) on double-click while holding Ctrl or Shift respectively.
    • Warning in the log about new signals being inserted due to automatic CSC resolution during Petrify synthesis.
    • Report possibly implementable (structurally detected) mutex places before verification and synthesis commands.
    • Fix to make the colours of CSC core heightmap brighter.
    • Layout of STGs synthesised from Concepts uses circular loops to represent each signal elementary cycle.
    • Signal transition properties Name and Instance are removed from the Property editor to avoid confusion.
    • When a dummy is converted into a signal transition its name is changed to sig. It used to be t which was too small for convenient editing.
  • Digital Circuit plugin
    • Improved automatic layout – heuristics for placement of components and bugfixes for wire routing.
  • Finite State Transducer plugin
    • Extraction of process windows. This requires Shutters and Ltscat backend tools to be installed (these are not included in Workcraft distribution as currently only supported in Linux).
  • Conditional Partial Order Graph plugin
    • Micro-controllers generated by ScEnco backend now include GO and DONE signals.

Fixes and technical stuff

  • Update ScEnco backend to v 1.5.1
  • Consistent dialogs for messages, text input and confirmation of operations. They are supported both in GUI and Console modes now. This is a necessary step to scripting of verification commands (to be run Console mode).
  • Inplace text editor is unified for names, labels and multi-line notes.
  • User manuals are updated to reflect the changes in the user interface.
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