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Workcraft v3.1.1 (2016-06-30)

Usability improvements

  • Tool-specific mouse cursors are used to emphasise the currently active tool.
  • Conversion of work files to supported export formats from command line.
  • Correctly enable/disable menus on switching between works.
  • Initial support for checking SVA-like invariants in circuits and STG models.
  • In OSX shortcuts are based on key instead of Ctrl.
  • Native OSX menu bar for Mac users.
  • Both Delete and Backspace keys can be used for removing selected objects (for laptops without Delete button).
  • Alignment of multi-line labels.
  • Rendering of check-boxes, radio-buttons and file selection dialog icons for high-DPI displays.

Model and tool plugins

  • Digital Circuit plugin
    • Custom property… [MPSat] and Custom assertion… [MPSat] items are added to Verification menu for checking Reach predicates and SVA-like invariants on circuits.
    • Transformation tool for detaching joints from circuit driver pins (forks on output contacts and input ports).
    • Analysis tool for identifying and breaking combinational loops in one of two ways:
      • Insert specially designed loop-breaking gates, e.g. C-elements implemented as proper sequential gate.
      • Tag input pins of gates as path breakers – these subsequently can be exported as set_disable_timing SDC constraints.
  • Signal Transition Graph plugin
    • SVA-like invariants can be checked via Verification→Custom assertion… [MPSat] menu.
  • Conditional Partial Order Graph plugin
    • Synthesis into Digital Circuit via Verilog import.
    • Allow self-loops in Directed Graph and CPOG models.
    • Update of conditions when CPOG variables change.
    • Prevent pgminer from running on empty graph.

Fixes and technical stuff

  • Reduce the probability of concurrent modification exception (was often seen on import from Verilog).
  • Bug-fixes in renaming STG transitions.
  • Updated UnfoldingTools to support SVA-like invariants.
  • Updated ScEnco backend tool to support Verilog output.
  • Prevent creation of ~/felxdock/ directory.
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