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Workcraft v3.0.4 (2015-05-27)

Usability improvements

  • When a node generator or connection tool is selected the Property editor display the template properties of the newly created nodes. These properties can be modified, so that all the subsequently created nodes inherent them.
  • Dialogue window for verification of custom properties is redesigned. A relation between the custom property (is violated/holds) and its Reach predicate (satisfiable/unsatisfiable) is explicitly configured.
  • Possibility to save the current simulation state as the initial state of the model (see a new button in simulation tool).
  • The change of connection shape is handled better when one of its adjacent nodes is moved. By default the Polyline control points are locked to their position while Bezier control points are binded to the adjacent nodes.
  • Offline help and tutorials files are updated. A new collection of tutorials is developed for on a subject of modelling causality and concurrency.
  • Flip and rotate operations are extended to work on groups, pages and circuit components.
  • Non-visual models imported .g files can be automatically opened and layout in the Editor (see Open non-visual models (imported or converted) under Common→Editor settings).
  • Default layout of the GUI is made proportional to the screen size.

Model and tool plugins

  • Digital Circuit plugin
    • Conversion of the simulation trace from the composed STG (circuit STG + environment STG) into the circuit STG. The trace is projected on the set of circuit signals (environment signals are skipped) and transition instances are adjusted.
    • Better support for hierarchical circuits (pre-processing of hierarchical traces, output ports and their drivers in different pages).
    • Circuit STG is simplified by removing dead transitions and duplicate transitions (this can be switched off in global settings under Digital Circuit→Simplify generated circuit STG).
    • A button to remove circuit environment is added to the Environment URI property.
    • Improved validation of connections (forbid direct connection from input port to output port, forbid forks on several output ports).
    • The initial state of circuit signals for simulation is properly calculated.
    • Possibility to centre the pivot point of circuit components via popup menu.
    • CSC and USC checks report pairs of traces leading to the same state code. These traces can be played as Trace and Branch in simulation mode.
    • Flip and rotate operations for circuit components, ports and contacts.
    • Bounding box for circuit connections takes their names and set/reset functions into account.
    • Caching contact label glyphs to speed up circuit redraw.
    • Improvement to calculation of the circuit component size and pin location when rendered as a Box.
  • Conditional Partial Order Graph plugin
    • Translators between Graph and CPOG models.
    • Improvements to parsing a textual specification of CPOGs and their automated layout.
    • Pages are used for referenced sub-graphs.
    • Optional use of subscript, controlled via CPOG preferences.
    • VisualPageScenario class is used to support hierarchical graphs.
    • Scenco encoding works on VisualScenario and VisualPageScenario classes.
  • Structured Occurrence Net plugin
    • Support for merged-BSON component.
    • Structural checking, error tracing and reverse error tracing for merged-BSON.

Fixes and technical stuff

  • Code for conversion of circuits into STGs is decoupled from both.
  • Overwriting the current work file with Save as command works as simple Save without removing the file.
  • Space(s) can be added to the tool display name to promote it in the tool menu.
  • Corrections for the unit tests.
  • Preserve node names inside pages on copy-paste.
  • Pivot point is moved with its group/page/component.
  • Regular expressions in Reach predicate are allowed.
  • Path to petrify.lib is taken into account only when petrify is called for technology mapping.
  • Correction for the initial state of FSM after conversion from PN.
  • Improved parsing of MPSat output for custom reachability checks.
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