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Workcraft v3.0.3 (2015-01-26)

Usability improvements

  • Tools menu is made inactive in simulation mode.
  • The menu items are rearranged and simplified
    • Utility menu is removed and its items are moved to File (Reconfigure plugins) and View (Reset UI layout).
    • Items of Tool→Verification menu are shortened by removing “Check for” prefix.
    • The items of Tools→Synthesis menu are shortened by removing “synthesis” suffix.
  • Offline help and tutorial files are updated. Workcraft overview files are also included.
  • Possibility to undo the action of layout tools.
  • The shape of a connection is preserved on relocation of its adjacent nodes.
  • Rearrangement of back-end tools in their own sub-directories.
  • Flipping and rotation of labels and names of the components.

Model and tool plugins

  • Finite State Machine plugin (new)
    • Built-in verification tools for
      • Determinism.
      • Deadlock-freedom.
      • Unreachable states.
      • Reversibility.
    • Tool for building a state graph of a Petri Net (using Petrify).
    • Tool for synthesis of Petri Net (using Petrify).
    • Tool for converting into Petri Net.
  • Finite State Transducer plugin (new)
    • Import and export of State Graph .sg files.
    • Tool for building a state graph of a Signal Transition Graph (using Petrify).
    • Tool for synthesis of Signal Transition Graph (using Petrify).
    • Tool for converting into Signal Transition Graph.
  • Signal Transition Graph plugin
    • Generalisation of a Reach expression for conformation check.
    • Tool for STG re-synthesis.
    • Tool for conversion between STG and Petri net models.
    • Fix for STG signal renaming in the property editor.
    • Reduced number of Mpsat modes in custom property window.
  • Digital Circuit plugin
    • When a circuit is converted to STG its gates that drive the primary outputs get signal names from the output ports. No new signals are created for the ports themselves.
    • Environment URI is made relative to location of the circuit work file.
    • Forbid input pins of the circuit components to be drivers.
  • Structured Occurrence Net plugin
    • BSON and CSON reachability check.
    • Replace cycle detection algorithm by Tarjan algorithm.
    • Behavioural condition is marked if every its corresponding abstract-initial-condition is marked.
    • Add synchronous communication checking for abstract events.
    • Update the enabled event color in reverse simulation.
    • Reset reverse simulation state when tool is activated or deactivated.
  • Conditional Partial Order Graph plugin
    • Support for Windows version of programmer backend tool.
    • Encoding results now saved into a temporary folder.
    • Renaming of Programmer tool into Scenco.

Fixes and technical stuff

  • Correction of .g parsers for recognition of comments.
  • Generalised model converter tool for translation between similar models.
  • Refactoring of visual connection type.
  • Refactoring the usage of Framework as a singleton class.
  • Reference counting in DefaultMathNodeRemover is replaced with tracking the set of dependent nodes.
  • Unit tests are updated.
  • PetrifyUtilitySettings class is moved from the core to petrify plugin.
  • Bounding box of the current level is calculated in root space for level-up at double click.
  • Move nodes and control points at reparenting.
  • Generalised handling of property based on enum type with predefined values.
  • The deprecated classes for DualModelDeserialisation are removed.
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