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Workcraft v3.0.2 (2014-11-15)

Usability improvements

  • More options for zooming and panning the editor window
    • All zooming and panning commands are added to the View menu.
    • Zoom to the default scale without changing the viewport position (View→Default zoom menu item or Ctrl+0 shortcut).
    • Fit the selection (or the whole graph if nothing is selected) to screen (View→Fit selection to screen menu or Ctrl+F shortcut).
    • Centre the selection (or the whole model if nothing is selected) preserving the scale (View-Center selection menu or Ctrl+T shortcut).
  • Asterisk is added to the tab title when the work is modified.
  • Help and tutorials are updated.

Model and tool plugins

  • Signal Transition Graph plugin
    • Contraction of transitions (Tools→Transformations→Contract selected transitions menu).
    • Conversion between dummy and signal transitions (Tools→Transformations→Convert selected dummies/signal transitions menu).
    • Implicit places are made hidden after import from .g file.
    • Improved conversion of STG places between explicit and implicit styles. Polyline connections preserve their shape after these transformations.
    • Allow Ctrl+double_click to toggle marking of implicit and explicit places.
    • Specialised MPSat command line parameters are added to CSC conflict resolution.
  • Connection tool
    • When inserting a node into a connection, its desired position is fetched from the Connection Tool and the shape of the split connections is derived from the polyline of the original connection.
    • Connections scale mode is set to LOCKED by default.
    • Transformation of connections nested in pages and groups is corrected.

Fixes and technical stuff

  • Environment variables JAVA_HOME and JAVA_BIN are checked in the runner script.
  • Bug fix for inconsistency between simulation and deadlock verification.
  • Fix of incorrect restoration of main and branch simulation traces.
  • Workaround for Java 7 bug - ClassCastException in LayoutComparator.
  • SelectionHelper class for analysis and alteration of the collection of selected nodes.
  • ConnectionHelper class for common modifications of VisualConnection geometry.
  • Native browse/open/edit commands are attempted before falling back for Desktop API.
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